Bravo Launches New HOUSEWIVES Show Starring Kenya, Gizelle & Mary Cosby!

MTO News has some exciting news to report, Bravo’s parent company NBC Universal has Greenlit a new series, which will air exclusively on the new Peacock streaming service.

And that new series, is a “Housewives” reality show that plans to star Kenya Moore (Atlanta Housewives), Gizelle Bryant (Potomac Housewives), and Mary Cosby (Salt Lake City Housewives).

Sound like a lot of drama, doesn’t it.

MTO News spoke with a high level executive at Bravo who told us that the network plans to begin filming the new show in the next couple of months. The insider explained, “We’re still working on getting the contracts together for all the cast members.”


The show, MTO News has been told, will be mix of Big Brother and The Real Housewives. The insider explained, “ten ladies will go on a trip to a tropical location and stay in a home together. It will be filmed Big Brother style, over the course of a week.”  

So who are the 10 ladies? The Bravo insider told us that in addition to the three ladies we mentioned above, Bravo will choose 7 other “Housewives” from among the other franchises to join the house.

The Real Housewives franchise is currently in Atlanta, Salt Lake City, Potomac, Beverly Hills, New York City, New Jersey, Dallas, and Orange County.

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