Brandon Bills Refusing To Cooperate In Case Against DaBaby

Danileigh’s brother, Brandon Bills, is reportedly refusing to cooperate against DaBaby.

DaBaby and his crew gave Brandon a beatdown in a bowling alley in February. It was reported that he had sued the rapper.

Now Brandon says he was never cooperating with police.

“I wake up this morning to a bunch of new, a whole bunch of people tagging me,” he said. “I was never cooperating. I was never gonna cooperate. I was never gonna put nobody in jail, I been to jail myself, I’m not gonna put nobody in that situation, you feel me? So, all y’all talkin’ all that snitch, y’all might as well quit to that ’cause ain’t nobody a snitch here. Never will be a snitch, never was a snitch.”

“It went viral, the whole world saw it, they came to me,” Bills added. “They asked me what happened, I said look at the video. The video tell you everything. It went viral. Millions of people saw it, I don’t need to say anything, you feel me? But at the end of the day, I’m not about to go press charges and trial and do all that.”

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