Brandi B Announces: ‘Im Pregnant’ . . . I Pray Husband Will STOP Beating Me!!

Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” couple Brandi B and husband Max Lux are expecting twins, MTO News has learned. And Brandi is hoping that the addition of the two new babies, will stop her husband from allegedly abusing her.

Last week, Brandi leaked some very disturbing footage -showing her husband as verbally abusive and causing many to think he’s physically abusive as well.

The “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” star sparked concerns among fans after she went on Instagram Live on Sunday, December 7 to live-stream her fight with husband Max Lux. 

Max was heard threatening to kill Brandi, and not surprisingly received huge backlash online.


“I ain’t your motherf***in’ clumsy a**, goofy a** n***a b***h,” Max said in the clip. “I’m not down for it. B***h, f**k you… You got that through your head yet? You got that through your head, b***h? I’m not with your program.” Brandi is then heard saying something, to which Max told her to “be outta here.”

Brandi then yelled, “Never again will you beat on me.” Meanwhile, Max accused her of disrespecting him by telling “Ronnie” that she was getting physically assaulted. “You think you’re gonna disrespect me to the world, Brandi!” Max screamed while their child could be heard crying. “Is that what you think?! You’re not! You’re not.”

When Brandi asked someone to call 911, Max told her, “Call them yourself, b***h. Before I f**k you up… [Tell] Ronnie I beat you up, b***h. Oh, I’m gonna send you out on a good one.”

We’re not sure what to say . . . CONGRATS??

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