Brad Pitt Shoots Down Dating Rumors

Hollywood actor Brad Pitt has denied rumors he’s dating Lykke Li.

Sources say he isnt dating anybody.

“Brad comes from very humble beginnings and he never imagined he would skyrocket to the stardom that he’s achieved. He loved living that Hollywood life for a long time. But when it comes down to it, it’s not really who Brad is, or even who he sees himself with,” an insider told HollywoodLife. 

“He really enjoys his privacy and just staying out of the public eye as much as he can. Brad knows that’s not always possible but he manages the best he can. He isn’t dating anybody at the moment and if he does, it would be someone far different from his past relationships.”

The actor has not been seriously linked to anybody since divorcing Angelina Jolie. Fans thought he would reunite with Jennier Aniston but it did not happen.

“When it comes to Brad and dating now and in the future, he knows he has to be with a strong woman who will be able to deal with all the outside noise that comes with it. If he hangs out with a girl and they are just friends, something is going to be said differently about it. If he hangs out with a girl that then becomes something serious, talk about all the eyeballs that will be on their every single move,” the source added.

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