Boxer Has Hip Top Lip ‘KNOCKED OFF’ During Fight!! (Warning – Graphic)


Last night middleweight boxer Jaime Munguia beat his opponent in a very brutal fashion and the images of the fight’s conclusion have gone viral, MTO News has learned.

It was Jaime’s second fight in the middleweight division against an aggressive and tough fighter, Tureano Johnson.

Initially looked like the fight was going to be competitive. Johnson, a 26-year-old Bahamian-born boxer, rushed Jaime in the first round. He hit the young fighter with left hands and right hooks and Jaime struggled to handle the onslaught.

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But in the fifth round, something dramatic happened Jaime literally knocked the top lip off Johnson’s face. He hit him with a sharp uppercut that ripped Johnson’s lip open.

On replay, you could clearly see the chunk of lip fly off his face and blood spurt out. 

It was a very brutal hit.

Here’s a screenshot showing just how bad the damage was:

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