Bow Wow Wants BET To Hire Him!!

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It seems that Bow Wow is angling for an executive position at BET and wants them to hire him to get the network hot again.

"My only dream job now is i want to take over BET. I want a high position. I was blessed to host but NOW i want an office. I want to run and come up with content for the network. I know what they missing. All you have to do is LISTEN to the people," the rapper tweeted.


He continued: "Because BET means so much to me. [It] helped launch careers. Its sad to see where they at. Its sad to see celebs not caring about the awards. Its said that THEY ALWAYS GET TROLLED CONSTANTLY. I see whats missing. They are NOT LISTENING TO THE VIEWERS. it starts there."

The rapper turned reality television star went on to add: "BET forgot what made them HOT! The MUSIC!!! breaking artist etc… music shows that mattered. Now its like lifetime. Just a bunch of sitcoms. Do you know the only time there is music on BET IS when there is an award show? Think about that. Like 3 x out the year. Thats crazy!"

Is he right?