Bow Wow Says He’s Not ‘Corny’

Bow Wow has had enough of the jokes calling him corny and responded on Instagram:

“Cuz we aint beefn w n*ggas? Because we aint shooting at n*ggas?” he wrote. 

“This corny sh*t got us all the b*tches tho i guess they like this corny sh*t. Corny but got all this money. Corny because n*ggas aint got pending cases or taking these dumb ass drugs that be having n*ggas looking dumb and talking slow. Corny because we don’t promote taking that sh*t. Corny but alll the street n*ggas buying up my du rags and brushes and all my products.”

Bow Wow recently launched his new hair maintenance products with hair beauty brand Kiss Colors and Care. The range includes velvet-styled durag, wave brushes, and a twist styling tool.

“We at walmart now! @kisscolors DEAL SEALED!!! #durags #brushes etc…,” he wrote on Instagram. “Lets go! Follow me through my crazy hair journey!”

Y’all gonna buy his products?

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