Bow Wow Said He Talked To Baby Mama Joie Chavis About Diddy Relationship

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“With me and her, we haven’t really been in that space probably in like 13 years,” Bow Wow shared around the 25-minute mark of the video above. “[She’s] a homegirl, my daughter’s mom, so it’s always gonna be respect. But don’t think that I didn’t put a call and talk to her about what the hell was going on, you know what I’m saying? Me and dude, we spoke about it, too. That’s a conversation [between] me and him and I ain’t gonna share that. It was a good hour-and-15-minute conversation on FaceTime.”

Bow continued, sharing that he looks at the situation, as with most situations, “differently.” As he put it, there’s still a “line of respect” with his ex-partner. 


“Like I said, amongst us, that’s something we spoke about in private,” he said. “We dealt with it. We moved on from it. And I heard his piece, I heard her piece. They heard mine, and we just gon’ leave it at that.”