Bow Wow Joining WWE Wrestling; He’s ‘BULKING’ To Prepare Himself!! (Vid)


Former rap star Shad “Bow Wow” Moss will be joining the WWE as a wrestler, and he’s been putting on weight to prepare for his entrance into the world of professional wrestling, MTO News has learned.

Last month, Twitter was surprised when Bow Wow revealed that he has his sights set on a wrestling career and was being trained by WWE Hall Of Famer Rikishi!

“I have officially decided to train with my boy [Rikishi] at his gym in California to get ready for the [WWE]. LOCKED IN,” he tweeted on February 15.

But there’s more. MTO News has learned that Bow Wow is in active negotiations with WWE to join them. And Bow Wow is “bulking up” to prepare for his wrestling debut.

The pint sized wrestler put on a reported 20 pounds of muscle already.

Here’s him discussing his new career in an interview:

But not everyone was happy about his decision. Bow Wow’s tweet ruffled a few feathers within the world of wrestling, but he had no intention of letting the haters get him down.

“A lot of the wrestlers who are coming for me on twitter should be happy im going back and forth. Most have like 70k followers. Im actually helping you become a bigger name,” he clapped back, adding a few cry laugh emojis for good measure. “How you on RAW with 50k followers. Something not adding up.”

Not everyone reacted to Bow Wow’s proclamation with cynicism, however.

“Don’t know why people hating [Bow Wow] if he wants to get into wrestling Follow a dream,” IMPACT star Tommy Dreamer tweeted. “[Rikishi] is an amazing trainer that will help him If my UCE says ur good I will gladly help you w/opportunity in [IMPACT WRESTLING].

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