Bow Wow Issues Covid-19 Warning: Stay Your A*s Inside!!

Bow Wow is warning his followers to stay inside as the Covid-19 virus is ravaging the country.

“I know it feels like everything’s back to normal because we were able to go back and eat, listen, it’s still not normal. I know at least like, twelve people that got COVID right now and is going through it,” he said.

“So, words of advice, wear your mask when you go outside and look, ain’t nothin’ outside anyway. It’s the same sh*t. Same people you go to the club with every week. The only thing change is maybe the weather. You’re not missin’ nothin’. Stay your ass at home.” 

Bow Wow adds, “I don’t think I’m traveling no soon… if I do it’s by tour bus only!” he wrote in his Instagram Story. “Was [supposed] to go out of town for NYE, but I’m a make the exec decision and cancel that! I ain’t tryna get sick, and I can’t get my daughter sick either!”


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