Bow Wow Disses His Own Albums: They’re All MID!!

In a q&a online, Bow Wow claimed that he doesn’t care for any of his previous albums.

“Dont care for any of my albums. Dont have a fav song. Really dont care about em like yall do,” he replied to fans who asked what his favorite album was. “None of them. They all mid. Yall think im playing but im dead forreal.”

He then shot down his Wanted album and his “Roc the Mic” single.

“Roc the mic WACK. Wanted album mid to me. This is my opinion tho. All my albums mid. Just saying. Just because i did them dont mean i like em,” he said.

Bow is releasing his last album before he retires.

“Snoop told me no way you can retire before me. You owe us one more. Speak on all the real s*** that we wanna know you been going through. Put it song and watch it flourish. – nuff said unc! #lastone,” he tweeted in January.

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