Bow Wow: Diddy Taught Me How To Get Along W/ My Baby Mamas!!

In a recent interview, Bow Wow opened up about his relationships with his baby mamas — he says Diddy taught him how to get along with them and work together as a family.


“My kids’ moms — you see I don’t even like to say baby mom or baby mother,” Bow told The Shaderoom. “My children’s moms — they can call me for anything and I’m a get it done. If they out of town, if they in Miami, they need something, they want to go to.”

He continued: “No matter what it is. If it’s a function going on and they need to get in with they girls, I’m a set it up. Sections, done — bam, there it is. And we family. And I think that’s important. And I got that from Puff. He taught me a lot being around him, watching how he moves. I’m always asking him questions like, ‘How do you do it? How? How?’ It’s a blessing. And it works well when it’s like that. It’s a family thing. I love them both and I’m just happy that I got two good ones on my side. I’m done after this. No more for Bow.”

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