Boosie Holds “Boosie Bash” Concert In Louisiana As Hurricane Ida (Cat 4) Hits Land! (Video)


Louisiana was hit with the first dose of Hurricane Ida last night, and the State governor had been asking folks to evacuate parts of Baton Rouge. But MTO News learned that instead of evacuating, thousands of Black people were partying – at Boosie’s annual Boosie Bash concert.

The event was held in Baton Rouge at A.W. Mumford Stadium, on Saturday – and Boosie Badazz refused to canceling his “Boosie Bash” event despite reports that Hurricane Ida is expected to make landfall in Louisiana that night. 

The state’s governor, John Bel Edwards, recently warned that the storm is expected to reach Category 4 and be the worst to hit the area since the 1850s.

“No cancelation. We still on,” Boosie said on Instagram ahead of the event. “It’s a beautiful day. Just talked to Lil Baby just talked to Da Baby, they’re getting on a jet. Boosie Bash is still on. Y’all better bring y’all ass.”

And luckily it went off, and ended just minutes before Ida made landfall. Shortly after the event ended, Ida’s wind and rains began battering Louisiana. As of last night, Ida was a category 5 hurricane – the biggest to hit the State in 50 years. 

Hopefully the attendees made it home safe . . . 

Here’s video from the event – which looked lit.

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