Boosie Fan Explains Why He Chose Dinner Date w/  Over $20k

Boosie Badazz asked his Twitter followers whether they’d choose to have dinner with him or accept $20,000.

Most followers said the $20k but one fan wanted the dinner and even slid into his DMs to make sure he got to eat with Boosie.

“F*ck 20k! What’s for dinner I’m otw,” Lon6z tweeted.

“I’m a hustler; I just felt that it was the way to go tbh,” he told The Shade Room. “My gut always leads me to the bag, and Boosie is one of the most knowledgeable OGs out here. This just the beginning for a lot of moves coming. Plus, I got a feature and hella gems, so basically, I already made that 20k and then some!”

The rapper not only got a feature but Boosie is also in the video for the song.

Earlier this month Boosie became an ordained minister.

“If you want Boosie to marry you, let me know,” he said. 

“If you want Boosie to marry you, I got my muthaf*ckin’ license. If you want Boosie to marry you, y’all holla at me. This my new thing. If you want me to marry you, holla at me. Big boss sh*t. I’m marrying couples now. $75 to $100K. I’m marrying couples now. It’s official. I’m certified.”

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