Boosie Blasts Trans Athletes & Trans Swimmer Lia Thomas “Get Your **** Out The Pool”

Rapper Boosie is known for his frank and often blunt opinions. And some of those opinions have got the rapper into a LOT of trouble.

MTO News has learned that the rapper recently did an interview with Vlad TV, and it looks like he’s about to go viral again for his comments. During the interview he made a number of controversial statements. First, the rapper called trans athletes “cheaters.”

Boosieie told the interviewer, “Let women have their glory, they deserve it.” Then he added that he felt that trans athletes were trying to “replace” women in other areas. Boosie added, “it starts at swimming till they dominate all sports.”

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He then said loudly, “GET YOUR ASS OUT THE POOL.”

Adding, “How you 462 in the world as a man then transition and go to number one you’re a cheater.”


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