Boosie Badazz Pressed About His Lil Nas X Threats

Boosie Badazz headed to The Breakfast Club and the hosts pressed him over his homophobic remarks against Lil Nas X.

“Nah, because I just be feeling like sometimes I gotta speak up because as far as straight people in the world, you don’t have an opinion no more on sexuality. Everything is harm. If you say anything straight, ‘I like women,’ it’s vulgar. You can’t brag on smashing on your sexuality no more. It’s ran by the LGBT community,” Boosie said as they all agreed.

After Boosie was told that he was wrong to accuse Lil Nas X of ruining our kids, he disagreed.

“I really get offended when it was like, he was saying he would go up there and perform naked in front all this sh*t, all the people,” Boosie said. “And I was like, Damn. All these straight people in the world. All these millions of kids gon’ watch this and no straight rapper ain’t gon’ say, ‘Nah, n*gga. You ain’t…N*gga, we don’t want you on that TV,” he later added, “Would you be cool? If you trying to raise that, would you be cool and sitting there watching Nas X go up there and take his clothes off? If you do, Charlamagne, you’re a part of the problem.”


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