Boosie Badazz Defends Rihanna Getting Pregnant Out Of Wedlock

Boosie Badazz defended Rihanna during a DJ Vlad interview about her getting pregnant before getting married.

Vlad said he was disappointed in Rihanna.

 “F*ck all that, it’s what makes you happy. Nobody don’t give a f*ck about peers. She’s a billionaire, what she got to follow somebody else drip for?” said Boosie.

“She know what she f*cking doing. Everybody ain’t got to be mother*cking and jump in marriages and still mother*cking sneaking geek,” Boosie continued. 

DL Vlad told Boosie about the couple previously speaking on getting married.  

“But it doesn’t have to go like that. They have a mutual understanding. Everybody not for no fake ass marriages. If they wanna do it, they can do it. But they don’t have to do it when the world says,” he added.

Is DJ Vlad right? Should Rihanna have married ASAP Rocky before she got pregnant or are y’all siding with Boosie on this one? Her body, her choice?


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