Boosie Badazz Caught In A Flash Flood!!

Boosie Badazz reveals that he was caught in a flash flood.

The rapper spoke to reporters who were covering the natural disaster.

“It’s crazy out here. Flooding everywhere,” Boosie said to WBRZ. “I’ve been riding in the middle lanes ’cause when you ride in the outside the puddles too big and you can’t see.”

He added, “I like to come home and get the hot weather. I don’t like rain.” The rapper revealed that the poor weather had meant him missing out on some of his daughter’s birthday arrangements. “It’s been raining twenty-four hours straight so it kinda messed it up but I was happy to be back here.” 

Louisiana locals were forced to flee their homes and seek shelter in higher ground following the floods. Many were relocated to the Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport for shelter.


 “You know I was here for Katrina. It’s not on that magnitude but I don’t like to see a lot of homeless people in the airport. I’ve got a heart too,” Boosie said.

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