Boosie Badazz Asks Fans To Help Him w/ His Deer Problems

Boosie Badazz hopped on social media to ask fans to help him with his deer problems.

“I NEED A HITTER ‼️#goattalk3 WOKE UP TOO 10 DEER ON MY FOOTBALL FIELD need help U CAN HAVE THE DEERS ‼️ they startin to walk up to the estate I GOT LIL KIDS N THE YARD THEY OPPS NOW” he captioned the video.

“You know I always need something, right? I got deer problems. I need a deer hitter,” he says to the camera. “I need somebody to come who know how to shoot deers, because I got a real deer problem. I need a deer hitter. I need somebody that know what they doing. Bruh…I got deer problems. I need a deer hitter, man. You want to come hunt on my land? I got deer problems, bruh. I need a deer hitter, for real. Slide your number in the DMs if you kill deers,” he continued.


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