Bobby Shmurda Wants Rappers To Stop Putting Guns In Their Videos

Bobby Shmurda says that in 2022, rappers should stop putting guns in music videos.

“I don’t wanna see nooo guns in Videos this year str8 Gyal ❤️‍ y’all n*ggas ain’t using them anyway you on the gram with it n*gggaa ” he wrote.

Last year, Bobby Shmurda faced criticism for his suspect dance moves.

“We be laughin’ at that sh*t,” Shmurda told DJ Akademiks. “You talkin’ ’bout the n*ggas or the girls? You talkin’ ’bout the n*ggas? It gotta be the n*ggas…. Alright, so those be the n*ggas that be like, ‘this n*gga Bobby takin’ all the bitches, son. This n*gga Bobby always f*ckin’ on all the bitches.'”


He later adds: “N*ggas work out for n*ggas. When I was up in jail, I seen n*ggas workin’ out, right? And n*ggas like, ‘Yeah, son, I’m ready to knock somebody out.’ I be like, ‘this n*gga trippin.’ Get your ass away from me, n*gga. I’m ready to knock some p*ssy out,” he added.

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