Bobby Shmurda Says Quavo Was A Great Friend While He Was In Prison


Bobby Shmurda and his friend, Quavo, sat down for an interview — where Bobby claimed that Quavo was a very supportive friend while he was behind bars for six years.

This my brother right here, man,” Shmurda said. “He ain’t never switched up yo. The whole six he did. The whole time, man. He ain’t never switched up, you heard? Make sure you know that.”

The Migos rapper also spoke:

“He was always getting in trouble and stayed in the hole,” Quavo said. “He would just tell me how crazy it was in there. I’d say, ‘Keep your head up, stay down, because we’re all Black, we’ve all been in tough situations.’ But I ain’t never had to do years like that. But you just say, ‘Keep God first, stay loyal to what [you] stand on.’ At the end of the day, [if you do that] it’s an easy road to success when you come home. Be ready to get out, have some goals, have some plans, some money plans.”

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