Bobby Shmurda Responds To Wack 100

Bobby Shmurda has clapped back at Wack 100’s comments about his dancing.

Wack said that Bobby ruined his opportunity to make huge music sales by taking too long to release music and instead opting for zesty dance moves.

“Y’all do know that no matter what ANYONE says imma live MY LIFE the way I WANT #shmurda,” Shmurda tweeted.

On Clubhouse, Wack said:

“Y’all be seeing these artists like Bobby Shmurda, he’s been having it bad,” Wack said. “He be like, ‘Yo, to all my fans, it ain’t me, it’s the label and all that sh*t’… I’m a be real, I don’t know what kinda fans he got. He really ain’t proven product; he only had one song.”

Wack continued, “And I think he f*cked up by what he should’ve dropped. When that n*gga got out, he was supposed to let something go! I don’t know what he was thinking running ’round like… he was supposed to drop before [NBA] All-Star Weekend or something.”

Wack added, “He might have waited too long. I think the n*gga gonna go double wood!”


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