Bobby Shmurda Is Officially An Independent Artist

Bobby Shmurda announced that he is finally free from his recording contract.

“Attention!!!! To all Shmurda fans aka the Shmurdas. I just sign my release papers also jus made ah milly today,” he wrote. “I can’t wait to drop s/o my n*gga @Trulife ahh ahh ahh my n*gga I’m shooting my 1st independence video today called Getting Em Back we celebrating all week in kods pop out nd Monday starlets.”

Last month Shmurda begged to be freed from his contract with Epic Records.

“I got a 70 year old lady running my label And I love her dearly but doesn’t want to let me go At allllllllllll no Matter what I do I’ve been Sign to them since was 19 I did six years in jail trying to get off this label before I came home,” Bobby wrote. 

“You name one person in the industry a Lable keeps sign in jail for six years?????? yea Ik ik I made them more millions than they ever gave me!!! Just let me gooo.”

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