Bobby Shmurda Begs To Be Freed From Epic Records

Bobby Shmurda is begging to be freed from his record label, Epic Records.

“I got a 70 year old lady running my label And I love her dearly but doesn’t want to let me go At allllllllllll no Matter what I do I’ve been Sign to them since was 19 I did six years in jail trying to get off this label before I came home,” Bobby wrote. 

“You name one person in the industry a Lable keeps sign in jail for six years?????? yea Ik ik I made them more millions than they ever gave me!!! Just let me gooo.”

He captioned the post, “This is not a cry for help this is a message and understanding for my fans that they stopping my music and prolonging my career I been holding sh*t down doing everything on my own since I been home. It’s been ah year now I still fee like I’m in prison and by the way the Album’s done ready to live pleaseeeeeeeee I need them to let me goooooooo!!! #FreeShmurda.”


Should Epic let him go?

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