Blueface Says Tekashi 6ix9ine Is Scared To Fight Him

Blueface says he wants to step into the ring with Tekashi 6ix9ine — but that the east coast rapper is too scared.

“He ain’t gonna take that, bro.” Blueface told TMZ. “He wouldn’t take that if his mom was on her deathbed and it was her last breath and she said, ‘Tekashi just fight Blueface and they’ll give me a new heart.’ He still wouldn’t do it.”

After Blueface’s interview went live, Tekashi told the outlet that he reached out to Blueface’s team and that they are working out the details.


“I would love to whoop 6ix9ine’s ass, for sure,” said Blueface weeks back. “F*ck the height difference, we weigh about the same. So let’s set it up, if not him, then someone else in my weight class.”

“I don’t see why [he wouldn’t agree to a fight], you know?” he said. “He’s not doing much more than I am at this moment. It’s not like it’s more beneficial for me than him, and it’s not like it’s more beneficial for him than me. I don’t really care for the guy, honestly. It’s not like I have some sort of personal vendetta. I was minding my business and getting my little head tat and whatnot, he decided to comment and reflect on it. So this is the repercussion.”

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