Blueface Responds To Video Of Him Stomping Out Bouncer!!


Rapper Blueface has responded to a video leaked online of him stomping out a nightclub bouncer who refused him entry.

“You need people like me to point the finger at an say that’s the bad guy -Scarface,” he wrote on Instagram with a pic of him surrounded by his Crip crew.

It was first reported that the incident took place at Skinny Lounge after Blueface was stopped at the door by security. Blueface was asked for ID. He was not carrying any, but pulled out his phone to show the bouncer that he was famous. The bouncer still decided to turn him away as a phone is not ID.


Blueface did not not take kindly to the rejection. He and his crew of two men then decided to jump the bouncer. 

In the video, a member of Blueface’s crew throws the first punch. Blueface is then seen stomping the security with another crew member before two women enter the frame to record the incident on their phones. Blueface continues to stomp on the rapper before he is seen trying to lift the security guard — and at one point tries to check to see if he is conscious. 

The security guard was taken to the hospital, where he was given stitches.

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