Blueface Lets His 3-Yr-Old Son To Drive To The Store – Fans Call Child Services!

West coast rapper Blueface recently revealed that he allows his 3-year-old son to drive them to both the store.

As evidence, the rapper posted a video of his son sitting on his lap — with his hands on the wheel of the vehicle.

Check out the clip below.

Blueface routinely shares various aspects of his life with followers on social media. Earlier this month, he also told fans that he was being followed by an unidentified helicopter.

Via his Instagram Story, Blueface told followers that he was hiding in a random stranger’s front yard to shake off the helicopter.

“Blueface, come to the set, they said,” he says. “It will be fun, they said. Now I’m sitting in some random person’s front yard tryna get home.” In another clip, he adds, “This is why I stay my ass at home, on Crip. I’m running from a helicopter right now, dead homies. Y’all hear, cuz. I’ma make it home, though.”


The “Thotiana” rapper managed to get away safely. He did not state why the police would be following him with a helicopter but some of his fans were relieved that he managed to get away.

Sharing that he lets his three year old drive to the store however did not go over well with fans. MTO News confirmed that a number of his “fans” called Los Angeles child protective services on the rapper, to report him for possible child endangerment.

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