Blueface Gets Into FIGHT w/ Fan After Bare Knuckle Win

Rapper Blueface got into a fight with a fan, after winning his bare knuckle fight, MTO News has learned.

The “Thotiana” rapper went head to head with TikTok star Kane Trujillo for the BKFC 19 match on Friday night. 

After successfully beating Trujillo, Blueface caught himself in another fight and this time it was with a spectator. According to reports, the fan jumped in the ring and started exchanging punches with the rapper as security tried to keep them apart. 


Blueface seems to always find himself caught up in controversy. Last year he recorded a video of his baby mama smashing up his house with a baseball bat. Watch:

Blueface’s Baby Mama Bashes Windows With Shovel

Back in June, Blueface had announced his deal with BKFC 19 before he knew who his opponent would be. 

“I never boxed. I’m a gang member, so I just fight a lot. All I need is a little training— get the fundamentals.” 

He also credits himself and fellow rapper YK Osiris for bringing light to the recent trend due to their boxing videos online. 

“Honestly, I don’t know if you guys seen, but me and YK Osiris were actually boxing in the backyard for fun—shits and giggles—and that’s really how all this celebrity boxing thing came about, in my opinion. ’Cause nobody was putting no gloves on and filming it until then.”

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