Blonde IG Model ‘Tyger Booty’ Mysteriously Dies On Trip w/ African Billionaires!!

Popular Atlanta Instagram model Tyger Booty has reportedly died mysteriously, while traveling on a paid vacation with African billionaires, MTO News has learned.

The beautiful model – and mother – is now going viral, as social media sleuths are speculating what happened to her.

Some on Twitter are speculating that the model may have overdosed on drugs, or committed suicide. But MTO News has found no credible evidence of either a suicide or a drug overdose.

Others on social media are speculating that Tyger Booty’s death, may be the result of foul play, MTO News has learned.

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Here’s what we know. Tyger Booty was flown to Accra, Ghana by a man described as an “African billionaire.” She was expected to promote an event, in the African City.

While in Accra, Tyger Booty was reportedly found dead in her hotel room, according to social media reports. Authorities in Ghana have not released specific details about her death to the public – and that has many worried.

The African billionaire – who flew Tyger Booty out – has strong ties to the government. And many of the model’s fans are worried that he may use his money and influence to thwart an impartial investigation into Tyger Booty’s death.

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