Blonde Goes VIRAL After Going On An ANTI-CITY GIRLS RANT!!


One of the City Girls’ biggest fans claims that she’s done with the popular girl group, and launched a crying rant on Instagram yesterday, that has gone viral MTO News has  learned.

Based on the rant, the woman paid to attend a mini City Girls concert in South Florida last night. According to the woman, the City Girls arrived several hours late – making their fans wait out in the cold.

When JT and Yung Miami finally did arrive, and without apology, they performed only two songs left. According to the self-proclaimed former fan, the performance was also underwhelming. She says the City Girls lip synched and performed two of the lamest songs they have in their entire catalog.

Many fans in attendance were upset with the City Girls, but NONE as upset at the woman in the below video. She went on a yelling tirade that lasted nearly two minutes.

The video quickly picked up steam, and was viewed more than 10 million times across social media.

Oh and it ended by her saying “F**k The City Girls.”


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