Blonde: 6 Foot Tall Black Woman Beat Me Up For Dating Black Man!! (Graphic)

A White woman claims thats he was punched, stabbed, and strangled – all because she is dating a Black man, MTO News has learned. The blonde told local media in Philadelphia that she was brutally attacked by another woman last Friday in North Philadelphia.

Nearly one week ago, this couple, whose names and identities have been concealed, say they were attacked by a woman they’ve never met. The attacking woman allegedly was upset that the couple was dating interracially. 

The girlfriend is white. The boyfriend is Black.

“It takes her seconds to drop the fact that it was a problem of me being white in that neighborhood, white women shouldn’t date Black men,” the victim told the local CBS news affiliate.

“Grabs my hair, pulls it and I’m yanked to the ground,” she said.

According to the police report, the attacker continued to beat and stab the woman in the face with her key.

“I can hear my boyfriend just like screaming to get her off of me,” the victim said.

As a crowd gathers, the attacker strangles her.

“She is digging her nails into my neck until I can’t breathe anymore,” the victim said.

The attacker suddenly stops and goes back to her car. The victim snaps a photo of her.

“As I do that, I see her pull out her gun,” the victim said. “I was like this is how I die, this is it.”

The blonde yells “I have your picture.” She says the attacker puts her gun back in the car [and left].”

Police describe the suspect as a Black female, medium complexion and build, 6-foot, with straight black hair. She is wanted for questioning.

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