Black Woman Found Dead & Bloody After Date w/ White Man; Police Say Died Of Natural Causes

Another beautiful Black woman is found mysteriously DEAD after going on a date with a White man. And in this case – like all the others – police are calling the death “natural,” even though the family believes the Black woman may have been killed.

According to Asia Maynard’s family she was young and healthy and unlikely to die of natural causes. The 29-year-old, however was found dead earlier this week and the family thinks more needs to be done in investigating her death.

But MTO News has learned that the Kansas City police and the medical examiner told the family they do not believe there was foul play. 

How did a seemingly healthy mother of four die? Well according to her sister, Teara Maynard, said on Friday she was supposed to see her sister.

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“She called me Friday at 10:30 or 11 o’clock and said, hey, I met a new friend. I’m going on a date I’ll come by tomorrow,” Tera said.

“Saturday morning they found my sister deceased,” Tera told a local newspaper.

The family said police told them the Caucasian man she’d been on a date with called police to report she died. What they told them next broke their hearts.

“We’re going to say that she died of natural causes because there was no foul play,” Tera said. “I feel like they’re rushing the investigation.”

The family said police are looking into what happened. KCPD said they are investigating Maynard’s death but there are no signs of foul play at this time.

“When she got to the funeral home and we viewed her body she had blood in her eyes and her ears and her clothes were saturated with blood,” Denise said.

Tearra wrote on Facebook:

This man that goes by the name of ,IsIah James crown around the ages 24-26 from the state Florida was last seen in KCMO with my sister Asia Maynard @Ladii May FlowerFebruary 18, 2022 she went on a date with him. And went to his house , was found dead the morning of February 19th 2022 . She don’t have any health issues very healthy only 29 years old she has 4 kids . and they trying to rule the death as if it was natural causes, there no further investigation and we feel that there was foul play.

wasn’t contacted about her being deceased only way we found out was because we files a missing person report February 20 , 2022 @2:30pm.

And that’s when we found out she was deceased and autopsy had already been performed and she was already cleared and ready for funeral home to pick her up February 20 ,2022 we never got a chance to identify her and they stated that they had already identified her thur fingerprints.Than detective stated there was no way for them to get in contact with any of her family because she didn’t have anything updated but it’s other ways that they could have went about it they could have ran her plates and every one has plates that are attached to and address, also stated that she lived in Kansas but she never lived in KansasThey don’t want to give no further information. So please share to make go viral so we can get justice serve.

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