Black Woman Marries ‘Racist’ Trump Supporter, Now Regrets It


Here’s a post from Reddit about a Black woman who married a White Trump supporter, and now regrets it.

My (26F) husband (32M) doesn’t get why I’m so upset about race and politics (I’m a black woman).

I knew that this could have been an issue when we first started dating. My husband is the kind of person that voted for Obama twice and then voted for Trump for shits and giggles. Of course, he voted for Biden this time around, but he really just doesn’t understand the gravity of his civic choices.

His family is all ardent Trump supporters and in my mind, conspiracy theorists. My father in law recently told me that he would rather his family die in the rapture (from COVID) than accept the “mark of the beast” (the vaccine). He then looked me square in the eye and said, “Hell is a real place”.

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Over the Thanksgiving holiday, my brother in law called my son and me the n-word over and over again in an angry text rant saying that my husband lost his family the minute he married me.

My husband now admits that the n-word was spoken regularly in his house growing up by his father and his brothers (also my husband). I’m realizing that I married into a racist family that I initially thought was just a family of conservative Christians.

I’m the opposite. I’m bisexual, liberal, grew up in an intentionally agnostic household, I work in state government, and went to a liberal arts college. I have always been a firm believer that two people with different political backgrounds can get along and love each other, but this is starting to put a strain on our marriage (which was already somewhat rocky to be completely honest).

Last night, we got into a major fight while I was trying to put our 11-month-old to bed. He was saying that the domestic terrorists we saw at the Capitol two days ago were just as bad as Black Lives Matter protesters. Tensions have been high with his family for the last few days because of this issue, I don’t hold back my opinions on social media. I told him of course he thinks that when he grew up in a racist family.

That set him off and he started yelling about how I’m too opinionated about this stuff and I’m ignorant because I can’t say people are racist just because they voted for Trump. I explained that there were a lot of other reasons for me to think they were racist. I started crying because I became overwhelmed with the fact that I continually have to explain myself and why racism affects me so deeply.

Also, I’m 10 weeks pregnant so that adds to my emotional strain.

I said that I don’t want to talk to his family anymore and he said that my behavior was, “disgusting and selfish” and that I didn’t know how family works because I’m an only child. I just don’t know what to do. I don’t know how to explain to him why I am so deeply affected by the chaos percolating in this country. I’ve tried over and over again and it turns into an argument every time.

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