Black Twitter Says Flavor Of Love Hoopz Stars In The ‘WORST LOVE SCENE’ In Any Movie Ever!!

Remember Hoopz, the popular reality star from the hit VH1 series Flavor Of Love, well she’s now acting. And MTO News has confirmed that the reality star turned actress  has a very sexy scene in her new movie. 

Unfortunately, Black Twitter is calling Hoopz love scene the WORST LOVE SCENE IN ANY MOVIE EVER!

That sounds pretty harsh. But MTO News watched the movie – and while we think the movie overall was a fun and entertaining watch – we have to agree Hoopz’ love scene was pretty bad. 

In the scene, Hoopz’ boyfriend surprises her while she’s wearing just a towel. She removes the towel and the two have a romantic episode. But here are a few things obviously wrong with the scene. First off her boyfriend doesn’t remove any of his clothes. He’s fully clothed, while Hoopz is completely exposed.

Married At First Sight Decision Day

But second, and more importantly there is ZERO chemistry between the two actors.

You can watch the full scene here – warning it is GRAPHIC

Heres’a description of Hoopz’ new movie, which can be downloaded on Tubi:

Dymez is a drama/comedy about three young women that plans foolish heists with their SMART phones. The three ladies will soon find out that L-O-V-E is not the only 4 letter word that will break their heart, F-A-T-E is the other.

Dealing with men is not easy, and it’s going to take team work to make their scheme work. Will their old ways get in the way of making their new life? Does change really make cents and at what cost?

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