Black Twitter: H.E.R. Is ‘Industry Plant’ After 8 Grammy Nominations: Legal Docs Leaked!!


R&B singer H.E.R. received 8 Grammy nominations yesterday, a surprising number of nominations – from a singer with a record of making mediocre music.

Now MTO News has learned that Black Twitter is calling “foul” on the nominations – and suggesting that the Grammy Board may have inappropriately given her nominations which she didn’t deserve.

And Black Twitter is providing receipts, showing that the Grammy nomination process is full of funny business.

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The receipts come from an explosive lawsuit filed last year, in which the former president of the Recording Academy  – Deborah Dugan – alleged in a suit that she was sexually harassed.

In the lawsuit, Deborah provided insight into exactly HOW a music artist is chosen for a nomination. She claimed that many undeserving artists who have “relationships” with the Grammys are pushed by members of the nomination committee – who push their own artists. Here’s an excerpt from the lawsuit:

So who are these people who nominate songs for Grammy’s – it’s a secret.

Nominating committees composed of music professionals serve on the nomination reviews committee for 61 of the 84 categories in the Grammys. They work to reduce the huge number of initial nominees to something more workable. Their identities are kept secret to avoid harassment by fans and undue influence.

Many on social media are speculating that H.E.R.’s father – who is a music industry executive – is on the selection committee. There is no evidence that this is the case.

Nonetheless Black Twitter is going crazy – calling H.E.R. an industry plant, and making her go viral for all the wrong reasons.

Here’s Black Twitter’s response:

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