Black Twitter Blasts Destiny’s Child “Cater 2 U” – Call It A “Pick Me” Anthem!!

Cater 2 U was one of Destiny’s Child’s most popular songs. But MTO News has learned that Black Twitter is now trying to get the song “cancelled.”

The song went viral on Twitter yesterday after Black Twitter claimed that it was a song for “Pick Mes” of the world.  A “Pick Me” is a woman who is willing to do anything for male approval. 

A “Pick Me” will embarrass or throw other women under the bus to achieve this goal. She will bend over backwards to be liked by a man. She will always make herself available to him, neglect her children if need be, drop her friends to free up time in her schedule, loan him money etc. On top of it, the men they are generally trying to get approval from are of poor quality and treat them badly.

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Here are some o the lyrics from Cater 2 U that Black Twitter wants cancelled:

Let me help you

Take off your shoes

Untie your shoe strings

Take off your cufflinks (Yeah)

What you wanna eat, boo? (Yeah)

Let me feed you

Let me run your bathwater

Whatever you desire, I’ll supply ya

Sing you a song

Turn my game on

I’ll brush your hair

Help you put your do-rag on

Want a foot rub (Yeah)

Want a manicure

Baby I’m yours I wanna cater to you, boy

“Cater 2 U” first appeared on Destiny’s Child’s fourth studio album Destiny Fulfilled (2004).

Here are some of the responses:

Is Cancel Culture at it again or is Black Twitter right on this one?

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