Black TikToker Goes Viral . . . He Assaults White Women; Then Calls Them ‘RACIST’!! (Watch)


There’s a new Black Tiktoker who’s going viral. But his videos are very disturbing, as he appears to be assaulting White women. And when they try to defend themselves – he calls them “racist,” MTO News has learned.

All of the videos of this apparent sicko have gone viral. And people are flooding the comments with angry messages.

The videos were all taken in the downtown Sacramento, California area, MTO News confirmed. 

The first video was taken at Safeway on the edge of Downtown Sacramento. in it, which MTO News has posted below, the Black man walks up to a woman in a supermarket, and strokes her hair. When the woman asks him to stop, the creep says she “smells like a beautiful vanilla candle.”

Then, when the woman calls for help – the crazy man tries to race-shame her, by suggesting that she’s only calling for help, “because he’s a Black man.”

Then in second video, which MTO News confirmed was taken at Sacramento’s McKinley Park, he makes some very inappropriate comments to a woman about her 8 year old granddaughter.

Then, in a third video seen by MTO News, he appears to assault another White woman jogging.

MTO News has contacted the Sacramento police, and sent them these videos. So far, we have not received a response.

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