Black SERIAL KILLERS Preying On Atlanta Woman; May Have Killed DOZENS!!


Three people have been arrested in Georgia after two bodies were found behind a store on Tuesday. Those three people were charged with the murder of a missing DeKalb County woman and MTO News has learned that police suspect that the three individuals may be serial killers.

Mirsha Victor, 23, was killed just outside of the metro-Atlanta area earlier this month. She had previously been reported missing out of DeKalb County, MTO News confirmed.

Georgia police confirmed to MTO News that Mirsha was killed in Henry County, but up until now, her body had yet to be recovered. Police believe she was killed July 8, the same day she was reported missing.

MTO News has learned that police are now investigating if she was one of two women whose bodies were found in a wooded area Tuesday morning behind a busy shopping center with restaurants and grocery stores.

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According to a police report, an Atlanta detective who was working on Mirsha’s missing person case had pinged her cellphone to an apartment a short distance away from where the bodies were found.

The Atlanta detective called investigators in Henry County to help talk to the person who lived inside the apartment, identified as Dennis Lane, 41. Police are claiming that Dennis, along with Ronisha Preckwinkle and Cleounsee Fisher murdered Mirsha with at least one other person.

But detectives told the media, including MTO News, that they suspect the three may be serial killers who prayed on women the Atlanta area.

“When Henry County detectives arrived on scene and completed the search warrant, they noticed blood on the floor, in the bathroom, and a mattress missing,” the report said. “A white mattress with what appeared to be blood stains on it (was) laying on top of the dumpster across from Mr. Lane’s residence.”

Police claim to have found two bodies already, both of them women.

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