Dozens Of Racist Attacks Across England Due To Euro Final Loss – 100s Of Blacks Injured!!

Black people in England are being told to be on high alert. MTO News has learned that bands of White supremacists are going around attacking Black people, after the loss in yesterday’s soccer match.

In what looks like a real-life version of The Purge, hundreds of Black people are being attacked across the European nation.

England and Italy were tied in yesterday’s European Sup Soccer finals. The game went into overtime, and Italy won – because three England players missed penalty kicks. All three players, Marcus Rashford, 23, Jadon Sancho, 21, and Bukayo Saka, 19, are all Black.

As soon as the game was over a wave of racist attacks spread across the entire British country. MTO News received social media reports that suggest at least 100 Black people were attacked or intimidated by White supremacists following the loss.

So far the British government is not taking action.

But England’s Football Association released a statement in the early hours of Monday morning condemning the online racist abuse of players following the team’s penalty shootout loss to Italy in Sunday’s Euro 2020 final. 

Here is a video of Black people being sought out, harassed, and assaulted by angry mobs:

Here are some other reports from the ground:

Here’s more:

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