Black Man Charged w/ MURDER For ‘Selling’ Half A Perc Pill To Blonde!!

A 22 year old African American man is being charged with second degree murder, and faces the death penalty in Louisiana – after selling an 18 year old girl half a Perc pill.

The woman who purchased the pill and willingly took it was Hailey Deickman, an 18-year-old who was days away from her high school graduation and set to enroll at the University of New Orleans this fall. She died after taking the pill which police believe may have been laced with fentanyl.

Police are calling Franklin Senfles, 22, a “drug dealer” who sold Hailey the pill that killed her.  

But according to Franklin’s family – he’s not a dealer. A woman claiming to be Franklin’s cousin on Instagram claims that Franklin didn’t sell her the pill – but that he “shared” the pill with Hailey and a friend, while they were all partying. 

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The same woman claims that Hailey took one half of the pill and her friend took the other. The friend survived, according to police.

There’s a growing trend nationally of arresting African American men for murder, and labeling them as “drug dealers,” when a White person overdoses on an illegal drug that they willingly ingested.

Here’s a pic of Hailey:

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