Black Male ‘Karen’ Shot Dead By Phoenix Police . . . For Trying To Perform ‘Citizens Arrest’!!

Being a “Karen” can be deadly, especially if you’re a Black man, MTO News has learned. Earlier this month, a Black man who tried to perform a citizens arrest in Phoenix, was shot dead by police, MTO News has learned.

And the incident is captured on police body cam.

This incident started when a 39-year-old African American man named William Brookins witnessed two people appearing to shoplift at a clothing store, Instead of minding his own business, or informing the store’s security, William took the law into his own hands. 

Police say that William pulled a gun on the two people he claims were shoplifting, and attempted to perform a “citizens arrest.”

According to the Phoenix Police Officer who arrived on the scene – he observed William Brookins, pointing a gun at a man and a woman – and immediately considered the Good Samaritan to be a criminal.


The officer was fully uniformed, working off-duty, and had just finished his shift conducting traffic control at a nearby intersection when he overheard a loud commotion and observed Brookins pointing a handgun at a man and woman.

At this time, the officer approached on foot, drew his duty weapon and claim that he told William to drop his gun. William did not respond to the commands quickly enough, and the officer shot him dead.

William was taken to a hospital but died on June 8, MTO News confirmed

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