Black Lives Matter Head Talks Multi Million $ Homes! (For The Black People In My Family)

Patrisse Cullors, the co-founder of the Black Lives Matter movement, has raked in millions of dollars over the past few years. Last week she made news, after it was learned that the founder – who is a Marxist – owned more than one multi million dollar home.

Now MTO News has learned that Patrisse is coming out to explain how she owns such extravagant homes, even though she refers to herself a “communist.”

The Black Lives Matter organization is non-profit group which Patrisse founded and has raked in more than $90M since its creation. And while Patrisse claims that she never “received a salary” from Black Lives Matter – there’s speculation that she may have gotten money from one of the organization’s subsidiaries.

The Black Lives Matter founder went on Marc Lamont Hill’s show and explained herself.

The exchange went something line this:

Marc Lamont Hill: “How do you square your Marxist beliefs with owning multiple high value properties?”

Patrice Cullors: “Everything I do, I do for black people, specifically the black people in my family”

You really have to see it to believe it:

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