‘Black Ink’s Ceaser Emanuel ALLEGEDLY Lied About Robbery For Ratings


Black Ink Crew star Walt shocked viewers are he appeared to confess to stealing $5,000 from Ceaser Emanuel’s shop.

Walter hints that it’s all for ratings.


“The whole bullsh*t with the whole register sh*t man… I definitely had something to do with that,” he said at the time. “I tried to like, fix it up later on when I got the break up from the back. Sh*t ain’t really easy for me. I’m not making any excuses, but I definitely did that dumb sh*t.”

Ceaser then claimed to be “heartbroken” over Walt’s crimes.

But Walt tweeted (and deleted) several shocking claims.

“I didn’t break into any shop. The shop didn’t lose 5K. I was NEVER homeless. NOBODY helped me on my feet when I was down and out,” he wrote.

Walt being broke and homeless has been a long-running storyline on the show.

He said what viewers saw was some “tv sh*t.”

Ceaser is yet to respond to Walt’s claims.

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