‘Black Ink Crew’s Donna Shoves Ceaser During Argument

Black Ink Crew’s Donna has always had a rocky relationship with Ceaser Emanuel, the shop owner. Sometimes, it seems like he just doesn’t like her. 

But when Ceaser refuses to let Donna use an empty room in the shop for a photoshoot, Donna finally puts her hands on Ceaser.


 “So you telling me that you renting your space out for nighttime events, all this other sh*t, but I can’t use the room that nobody uses for two hours out of a day?” Cease responds, “Right.”

Donna then walks up to Ceaser and shoves him.

Donna says Ceaser doesn’t respect her.

“At the end of the day, you and you have witnessed everything that I have gone through in the past, ten f*cking years dealing with the shop. I deserve some respect,” she says. “I just feel like y’all n*ggas don’t give me the respect I f*cking deserve.” 

Ceaser doesn’t agree, “Respect for what? What have you done? Hold up, you want credit for being the worst tattoo artist in the history of Black Ink?”

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