Black Country Music Legend Charley Pride’s ‘Secret White Son’ Wants His ASSETS!!


Last year, legendary African American country music star Charley Pride died from COVID19 after performing at the County Music Awards.

Now a Caucasian man claiming to be Charley’s secret son is coming forward, and wants to get a portion of Charley’s assets. 

According to reports, Tyler Pride – a man who claims to be the product of Charley Pride’s affair with a white flight attendant back in the 80s –  has filed a lawsuit to find out what he’s entitled to financially, but also to be fully recognized as part of the country music legend’s family.  


MTO News confirmed that Tyler, who currently works as a Texas police officer, claims Charley Pride and his mother had a 10 year relationship and that Charley visited him as often as he could until his wife of more than 60 years found out about the affair and put a stop to the visits. 

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When Tyler was 13-years-old, he claims that a DNA test proved he was Pride’s son and his last name was changed from Tines to Pride and Charley Pride was ordered to pay $94,000.00 in back child support and begin paying $4,000.00 monthly. 

Tyler claims Charley Pride’s widow Rozene Pride, who is African American and with whom he shares 3 children, did not tell him his father was sick, did not include his name in his obituary and forbade him from attending the funeral. 

Tyler also blames Rozene for his being left out of the will. 

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