Blac Youngsta Responds to Young Dolph Diss Backlash: I Could Give 2 F*cks!!

Blac Youngsta performed his single “Shake Sum” at a recent Dallas concert and Young Dolph fans dragged him on Twitter.

The rapper says he doesn’t care and posted a long message to Instagram to respond.

“I’m the type of n*gga who ain’t neva sat back and looked for nobody to feel sorry fa me! I come here from the heart of South Memphis where you get no sympathy, don’t even know what that is. With that being said I could give 2 f*cks what the world think bout me. It amazes me how just because I’m a multi-millionaire gangsta that I’m put under this magnifying glass and every lil thing I do/say receives negativity rather its to be put out that way or not.”

“I’m human I ain’t perfect, I go thru sh*t just like everybody else. I done lost more of my inner n*ggas than any other n*gga coming outta my city *Memphis* My grandma damn near on her deathbed now but I don’t get on the internet crying about it or looking for the world to feel sorry for a n*gga.”


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