Blac Youngsta Performs Young Dolph Diss, ‘Shake Sum’


Blac Youngsta performed his Young Dolph diss track, “Shake Sum,” at the Aces of Dallas nightclub in Texas.

“Young Dolph Thorton wanna play ho/I’m on tour with the K ho/ Mac 11, Smith & Wesson, extended clip, 100 rounds though/ How the f*ck you the king of Memphis, you ain’t from the city, you from Chicago/ F*ck boy, you better lay low/ Killers move when I say so.”

The lyrics continue: “My lil n*gga rob and steady killin’ rappin’ n*ggas/ Mama’s and sh*t lil n*gga/You better ask you lil n*ggas/All these lil n*ggas around me killers/ The city know what’s up with me, lil n*gga/I’m a double OG, lil n*gga/ Any n*gga play with me, lil n*gga/ I swear to God they ain’t gon’ breath, lil n*gga/ Dolph, you ain’t put in no work/ You a ho on the low-low/Talkin’ ’bout you the plug best friend, n*gga, you ain’t sellin’ no work/N*ggas bustin’ on you in your own hood f*ck-boy, you a no show.”

Too soon?

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