Blac Chyna’s Mom Denies Threatening Judge

Tokyo Toni’s mother denies she threatened the judge ruling in Blac Chyna’s case against the Kardashians.

“Now I’m about to go live and go all the phucking way in @ogtokyotoni NOW #TOKYOTONI TMZ can play with anybody but me. I have been on the show many times,” she wrote.

“For them to put out this narrative you are out of your mind. Nobody heard me threaten a judge. I do sets are comedy and I will continue nobody’s going to stop my movement. But this right here would not be served something would not get contempt. I never stepped into the quart room. I was in the bay and I put 1 foot out in the band and say you can’t go in there because they feel threatened.”

Tokyo Toni said she was going to “get the judge” during a livestream but she says that “nobody heard” her “threaten” him.

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