Blac Chyna EXPOSES Tyga . . . Claims That Tyga Loves Transgenders!!


Blac Chyna hopped on Twitter on Monday afternoon to tell the world that her baby daddy Tyga loves trans women.

“Tyga loves Trans, me 2 (with a lips emoji). A second tweet reads, “Tell the truth @Tyga!!”

Blac Chyna has not deleted this tweet or recanted in any way. Sis is standing by it and it is the last personal tweet published on her account. She has since posted on her Instagram since the tweet went viral, but only to promote brand collaborations.

Chyna though has other issues on her plate, as she is currently tied up in court with the Kardashians after she claims they got her reality television show with Rob Kardashian canceled. She also says she has proof that she did not assault Rob — like the Kardashians are claiming.

According to court documents obtained by Radar, Chyna believes Rob’s assault lawsuit against her should be dismissed before trial. She says the video footage, which was never shown, proves that she was not trying to injure her baby daddy.

In 2017, Rob and Kylie Jenner sued Chyna for allegedly assaulting him during an altercation on December 14, 2016. According to Rob, Chyna choked him with an iPhone cord and struck him in the face with a 6-foot metal pole. Chyna has always denied the assault.


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