Birdman’s Brother Terrance ‘Gangsta’ Williams Freed From Prison Life Sentence

Birdman’s brother, Terrance’ Gangsta’ Williams, was freed from his life sentence after being locked up in federal prison for more than 20 years.

Terrance was selling drugs and plotting murders when an FBI wiretap caught him. It was him who helped to bankroll his brother’s Cash Money Records.

According to, Terrence was caught on the wiretap plotting to kill a group of New York drug dealers in New Orleans to get paid for heroin they’d shipped by mail to an associate. The outlet reports that the feds intercepted the package. He got life plus 20 years.


U.S. District Judge Ivan Lemelle re-sentenced him last month to 27½ years, records show — but nobody will explain why and the judge has sealed records, hearings and transcripts. 

According to court records, Terrence began cooperating with the feds and in 1999, prosecutors filed a “5K” motion that noted his “substantial assistance” in securing guilty pleas from co-defendants. It did not help his case at the time.

“The defendant also provided information to the state authorities regarding a number of murders and urged persons who had witnessed murders to come forward as witnesses and contact the others,” prosecutors wrote.

With the re-sentence Terrance will likely be a free man in 7 years.

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